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Doug Pederson Submits Play to Be Reviewed By the NFL

Doug Pederson is not a happy camper when it comes to one of the referee's calls from Thursday night's game against the Falcons. According to Tim McManus, Pederson has submitted a play from the game to the league for further explanation. Here is an explanation of the play Pederson wants explanation of according to McManus:

"With the Eagles trailing by two in the fourth quarter, the refs called penalties on both teams, negating a 59-yard booming punt from the Eagles' Cam Johnston. They attributed the Eagles holding call to No. 39. Replays show the 39 that held was actually a Falcon (Deante Burton). The refs appeared to pin it on the wrong team, and it cost the Eagles field position in a tight game."

Obviously nothing can be done because the game is over with, but submitting a complaint to the league could possibly get the refs fined or suspended if they are found in the wrong in this scenario. That wouldn't be the worst thing in the world, as no one wants to watch these refs throw 26 flags in another game this season.

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