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Doug Pederson Laughably Listed as 7th Best Coach in the NFL

This week we've learned that Sporting News doesn't really like the Philadelphia Eagles. First they claimed that Alshon Jeffery wasn't a top-25 receiver, and now they are claiming Doug Pederson isn't an elite NFL coach - placing him as the 7th best coach in the league.

Did Mike Lombardi make this list???

Although Pederson had a tough time against Sean Payton's Saints this past season, he is still dominate over the likes of Sean McVay (2-0 against McVay's Rams) and Bill Belichick (defeated Belichick's Patriots in Super Bowl LII). An argument could be made that he should be moved into the top four of this list, with some flipping around between Pederson, McVay and Payton. The Pederson-led Eagles will have a chance to prove their coaches worth when they face Belichick's Patriots and Pete Carroll's Seahawks this upcoming season.

It's nothing new for Eagles fans to feel that they are being snubbed by national media and other news outlets. The Eagles will always be underdogs in that regard. Remember: No one likes us, No one likes us, No one liiiiiikes us, We don't care!


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