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Did Madden 19 Accidentally Show Us the Eagles Super Bowl Banner?

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

With the Super Bowl parade and the ring ceremony now in the rear view mirror, there is only one thing left on Eagles fans' minds when it comes to remembering last year's team - raising the Super Bowl LII banner at Lincoln Financial Field.

Over the offseason, fans have thought about what this banner will look like, and if they will approve of its aesthetics. Many thought that they would have to wait until September 6th, when it is officially unveiled right before kickoff against the Atlanta Falcons. However, a fan spotted a banner commemorating the Eagles victory over the Patriots already flying in the new Madden NFL 19 video game that was released on Friday.

From the looks of it, if this is what the actual banner will look like, it doesn't stand out much from the other banners in the stadium recognizing past division crowns and conference championships.

There might be hope for fans who want something more ostentatious than that. When the Eagles first returned back to the NovaCare Complex for OTA's, they released a montage video of players returning and working out. In that video, the team shows a Super Bowl banner that is hanging in the weight room.

The banner in the NovaCare weight room is far more flashier than the one put into the Madden NFL video game. Let's all hope that the banner unveiled in September will look similar or identical to the former.

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