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DeSean's Injury May be Worse Than We Thought

The Eagles stomped the Jets into the ground yesterday with a 31-6 victory, bringing their record for the season to 3-2 and tying them for first place in the NFC East. The team will need to bring the smoke for next week's game against the Minnesota Vikings though if they want to have a three game winning streak.

Everyone has been banking on star receiver DeSean Jackson to be available to play in next week's game, but new information has shown that this might not be the case.

Originally his injury was thought to be an abdominal injury and he was expected to be back in two weeks. Now it sounds like Jackson will be missing his fourth straight game this coming Sunday.

Rumors have been swirling that Jackson's injury is actually a sports hernia and not an abdomen injury, but Doug Pederson nipped that rumor in the butt today.

It feels like Jackson is this year's version of the 2018 Darren Sproles roller coaster ride. Sproles injured his hamstring in Week 1 and was initially stated as being "week-to-week", but he ended up not returning until Week 12. It feels like the team is trying to hide something here once again and underestimate the time they are expecting him to miss.

If Pederson is manipulating the truth and Jackson does in fact have a sports hernia injury, his 2019 season might be in trouble. Wide receiver Mack Hollins underwent sports hernia surgery in early 2018 and missed the entire season. This could end up being something that nags Jackson throughout the rest of the season if surgery is not on the board.

Hopefully it does end up being an abdomen injury and he is only out another week or so, but we've been duped by Doug and the Eagles medical staff before so we shouldn't take their word as Gospel.

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