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DeSean Jackson Releases 'Just Ball' Ahead of Album Release

DeSean Jackson released a single to his upcoming album ‘Against All Odds’ titled ‘Just Ball’.

Considering he’s a full-time NFL wide receiver, the rap wasn’t too bad. I can see the locker room blasting this prior to their game Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals. There are a couple of good lyrics in there, but I won’t break the rap down. If interested check out the song here (Warning: there are a few NSFW lyrics)

It could not be as bad as the Eagles diss track made by Terrell Owens titled ‘I’m Back’. But it definitely doesn’t top the hit song ‘Buddy’s Watchin’ You’ made by the 1988 Philadelphia Eagles.

Jackson’s album drops October 2nd on every streaming platform available. So far the 33-year-old receiver has only recorded eight catches for 110 yards so far this season.

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