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Day 2 (From Hell) Recap of the 2020 Draft

With their second-round pick (53rd overall), the Eagles drafted Jalen Hurts, quarterback from Oklahoma. What the absolute hell was Howie Roseman thinking? There is no reason for this pick this early. I understand you need a competent backup for Carson Wentz, but when you need to fill so many holes on this roster it is a crime to waste a second-round pick with this horrible decision. There seems to be a disconnection on what the front office believes their needs are and their actual needs are. The Eagles need help at linebacker, in the secondary, the offensive line, and another wide receiver. It seems like they are trying to make the most random picks that they possibly can and hope something sticks. Howie may end up losing his job sooner rather than later, and this pick is going to be one of the reasons for him being let go. Hurts, of course, is not a bad quarterback, but when you don’t need a quarterback and you waste an early pick for one, it just proves you don’t know what you’re doing with drafting.

With their third-round pick (103rd overall), the Eagles selected Davion Taylor, LB, Colorado. In my opinion, this pick is the first one so far that makes sense. It is just a shame it was too late and the position was not addressed sooner. From everything I have found on this relatively unknown guy, he has some upside as a speedster on defense, but his big downside is that he doesn’t have a ton of football experience. Seeing as it is the third round, players are starting to become riskier and more of projects than they were in the previous two rounds. This player will do well in the Eagles linebacker room as they don’t really have any one guy who has a stranglehold on a starting job. Overall, I think this pick was a decent one the decision to address the position came way too late due to their idiotic antics in the first and second rounds.

All in all, it feels like the Eagles really screwed the pooch so far in this draft. Instead of trading up and using one of today’s picks to grab Ceedee Lamb, they stayed and got Jalen Reagor (still not the biggest fan of him, but willing to give him a chance). Then, with the picks that Howie seemed to make out to be so important, picked a quarterback they didn’t need, and then a project of a linebacker who wasn’t as good as guys available in the first and second. Howie better pray some of these picks work out, or he may be starting the end of his tenure in Philadelphia.

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