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Darren Sproles a Hall of Famer? He Seems to Think So...

This past season was the final one of Darren Sproles' unique career. Spending 15 seasons with three different teams, Sproles was a game-changer that used his small 5'6 frame to embarrass would-be tacklers. That's why when asked about becoming a future Hall of Famer, Sproles says he thinks he should be enshrined in Canton.

Sproles and his former teammate/current Eagle Brandon Brooks were interviewed by TMZ recently, which is where the Hall of Fame discussion came from.

Sproles makes it known that he doesn't have a voice in the official discussion, but he feels like he did enough to get his own bust. Brooks chimed in saying there's "no doubt" Sproles will one day get a gold jacket.

The discussion is an interesting one. Sproles was never a #1 running back for any team and was mostly known as a receiving back and special teams demon. How does, however, hold some unique NFL stats and records:

•He is one of eight NFL players with 30+ receiving touchdowns and 20+ rushing touchdowns

•He is the only player in NFL history with 30+ receiving touchdowns, 20+ rushing touchdowns, 1+ kickoff return touchdown, and 1+ punt return touchdown.

•He has the 5th-most all-purpose yards (19,696) in NFL history; three of the four in front of him are enshrined in the Hall of Fame.

•He is one of only 11 players in NFL history have totaled 10+ straight seasons with 1,000+ all-purpose yards.

•He is one of just seven players in NFL history to record four seasons with 2,000+ all-purpose yards.

•He is one of only two players in NFL history with 50+ offensive touchdowns and 9+ return touchdowns

•He has the 6th-most total return touchdowns in NFL history.

•He has the 7th-most punt return touchdowns in NFL history.

•He has the 8th-most kick-return yards in NFL history.

•He has the 13th-most punt-return yards in NFL history.

He will first be eligible for enshrinement in 2025. What do you think: did Darren Sproles do enough in his career to become a Pro Football Hall of Famer? Vote in our poll to share your thoughts on the debate!



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