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Cody Parkey Receives Death Threats From Bears Fans, Donations From Eagles Fans

National media loves to paint Eagles fans as savages who boo their team nonstop, and harass their fans and players to the point of becoming physically violent with them. But now it seems just the opposite is happening.

After the double doink, Eagles fans quickly got out their phones and found Cody Parkey on Venmo and sent him so money as a thank you for missing the potential game-winning field-goal.

For their sake, they better hope that is the real Cody Parkey and not some genius who switched his name to get free money.

On the other hand, Bears fans weren't pleased when they saw the kick bounce in front of the goal post. They let their anger get the best of them, and harassed their kicker and sent him death threats. Most realized their mistake and deleted their tweets, but they forgot the first rule of social media - screenshots live forever.

Those are just a handful of the types of messages Parkey keeps receiving. Parkey was forced to turn off comments on his Instagram account because of the non-stop harassment he is receiving.

The best part about all of this is that Chicago media is trying to spin what is happening and still make Eagles fans seem like the "bad guys" in this story. They have yet to write any articles acknowledging the threats Cody Parkey is receiving from his own fan base.

Eagles fans will never get a chance to change the identity national media had given them. So let's just go win another Super Bowl and watch these people whine about us celebrating too hard on Broad Street again.

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