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Chris Simms: Wentz Not a Top 10 Quarterback

Every year, former NFL quarterback-turned football analyst Chris Simms makes the public aware of why he did not perform well in the league and how his father, Phil Simms, is living proof that getting a great job is not about what you know – it’s about who you know. Throughout the past few offseasons, Chris Simms has made some questionable remarks regarding quarterbacks, such as suggesting Tom Brady is not a top 5 quarterback in 2016, Nick Foles is worse than a handful of guys who haven’t started more than a couple games per season in 2017, and this year: Putting Carson Wentz at number 11 in his top 40 quarterback list of 2019.

In 2018, Simms had Wentz at number 3, and he admitted that he created the list a couple weeks before Wentz tore his ACL against the Rams. Is Simms just living in the moment or is he watching the games? This year’s list features Patrick Mahomes in the top 8 – again, possibly living the moment. He placed Drew Brees and Brady at 10 and 9 respectively, while Ben Roethlisberger also sits ahead of them. There is no world in which Brady is worse than anyone when he continues to win Super Bowls at his current age and where Roethlisberger is ranked higher than Wentz.

The Eagles fourth-year star quarterback is set up to have the most weapons on offense that he’s had since joining the Birds in 2016. If Wentz isn’t able to pass for at least 30 touchdowns and guide the Eagles smoothly into the playoffs this year, I’ll agree with Simms. For now, however, 11 is just a little too low for Wentz.

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