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Chris Harris Jr. Says He Almost Chose to Sign With the Eagles

It was no secret that the Eagles wanted to upgrade the cornerback position this offseason. In a new podcast, Los Angeles Chargers cornerback Chris Harris Jr. said that he was close to choosing to sign with the Birds.

As we now know, he went to the Chargers and left the Eagles in a predicament. They didn't want to have to address cornerback immediately in the draft because of other holes, so they knew they had to make a move to acquire a game-changing corner. That's why they decided to budge and trade for Darius Slay. The trade meant that the team had to give up two draft picks in order to get the former Lion, which they wouldn't have had to do to get Harris Jr.

So in 2020 and beyond, Harris Jr. and Slay will be connected, as we will see if the trade for Slay was worth the investment, or if it would have been worth it to throw a little more money in Harris Jr's direction.

Which cornerback would you have preferred the Eagles to get if you had the option to sign either? Answer that question in our poll!

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