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Chill Out... Carson Wentz is Still Our Quarterback

This new idea that Nick Foles is better than Carson Wentz is just simply idiotic. It neglects the fact that Wentz was nearly MVP last year if it wasn't for his injury. Carson Wentz is the better quarterback plain and simple and here is why.

Carson Wentz won 11 games last year and threw for a franchise record 33 touchdowns compared to just 7 interceptions. He completed 60% of his passes, and had a 101.9 passer rating. He was without a doubt the MVP of the 2017-18 season. Unfortunately he suffered a torn ACL in Week 13 against the Rams. It was torn on a play in which he ran outside the pocket and dove for the endzone, the touchdown got called back thanks to a penalty, but he stayed in the game for one final play and threw for a touchdown, WITH A TORN ACL! This proves that he has the toughness and competitive nature that quarterbacks in the NFL needs.

This year, Wentz put up 21 touchdowns and 7 interceptions, 70% completion percentage, and a QB rating of 102.2. He was actually improving this year. Despite playing with an ACL that was not fully healed, and a bad back that he had suffered later in the year. The Eagles are struggling this year, but not because of Wentz.

Nick Foles is a great quarterback, and I truly believe that he can start in the NFL, but he is not as good as Wentz. The city of Philadelphia will be forever grateful for what he did, winning us our first Super Bowl, but he is not the quarterback of the future. He is already 29 years old (turning 30 in January), and he is just simply not as talented as Carson Wentz.

The argument that is being made for Foles is that the offense runs better with him at the helm. Is that because of Foles or because the offensive playcalling is better with Foles? It seems that playcalling has been so conservative with Wentz at quarterback and trying to protect him as much as possible, but with Foles it seemed like Doug Pederson wasn't afraid to call anything. They run the ball a lot more with Foles, and they throw the ball downfield more with him as well.

Wentz is the QB of the future. Foles is a great QB, but he is not as good as Carson Wentz. Lets have confidence in the guy who nearly won the MVP last year, and the guy who has proven that he can be an elite QB in the league.

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