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Chicago Bears Matchup Preview

Is it me or did we just play this team? The Bears have a top notch defense with a lackluster offense and a quarterback that can move around but isn’t the most accurate and certainly doesn’t look like he can carry a team right now. Even though the Eagles had a lot of success last week, they can’t let it get to their heads. Let’s look at a few key facets of the Bears that the Eagles should look out for.

Khalil Mack

I don’t care if he’s on a great team, mediocre team, or a bad team -- he is a beast defensive player and maybe even best player in the NFL right now. He can alter games and win a game virtually all by himself. He is projected to be lining up across from Lane Johnson, so don’t be surprised to see a few two tight end sets or having Big V lineup as an extra lineman to help stop him. However, the Bears might want to expose rookie left tackle Andre Dillard and switch Mack to his side, which the Eagles would need to give him help with. Either way, to make things simple: stop Mack and you'll have a great chance to win.

Eddie Jackson

He’s scary good and he can shut down and pick off anyone in this league. He has such great instincts and knows how to trick QBs into seeing open receivers only to pick them off or break up the pass. If I am Doug Pederson or Carson Wentz, I am game planning to get the ball out on the opposite side of the field of Eddie Jackson (that is if he even plays).

Mitch Trubisky

This is a game where the Eagles defense can really get rolling. This is where you get creative, so Jim Schwartz needs to come up with schemes to really throw Trubisky off and let this defense beat him around and get some turnovers. The Bears have talent all over the field, but Trubisky has been holding the offense back of late. So let’s keep the ship going on the right path and make some big plays and force Trubisky into some mental mistakes.

Jordan Howard and Miles Sanders

Doug needs to let em loose. This game can be even better than last week's game with these two talented young players. We could have both these guys get 100+ total yards each and make some big plays if they are used as the thunder and lightening they are. Beat that defensive line up with Howard and when they are sore, let Sanders make some magic. I don’t think Carson will have more than 225 yards passing because he won’t have to with these two monsters running the ball down the Bears throats.

Seeing these matchups to look out for, I think this will be a good win for the Eagles with a score of 28-10. The defense will have two turnovers and the RBs will have three touchdowns.

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