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Carson Wentz Discusses His Week 1 Status

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

The whole offseason has revolved around one storyline: Will Carson Wentz play Week 1?

The Eagles have been dealing with this question since last season ended, as it played a major role in how they handled Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles. They appeared to err on the side of caution, declining to trade Foles and reworking his deal to keep him here for the year as Wentz's backup and potential starter should Carson's recovery take longer than expected.

Carson appears to be making great strides in terms of his recovering, but it appears the decision to play or not play Week 1 will come down to the wire. On an interview with 94 WIP this morning, Wentz stated the following regarding his return:

The doctors clearing him will be a major hurdle to overcome, leaving the coaches and Carson himself to decide. Wentz has been known for his tough attitude and strong work ethic, leaving fans hopeful he will return to MVP form sooner rather than later.

The Eagles travel to New England on August 16, 2018 for their second preseason game.

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