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Carson Wentz Compares Jalen Reagor to Julio Jones

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

The Eagles are about three weeks out from opening their season against the Washington Football Team. According to Sports Betting Dime’s lines, the Eagles are coming out favorites by six points against Washington. That number might grow even bigger by the time Week One comes around, as there is already some buzz around first-round draft pick Jalen Reagor.

During his press conference with media yesterday, Reagor said Carson Wentz is comparing him to great receivers like Julio Jones.

Comparing Reagor to a future Hall of Famer like Jones is a little odd, especially because they are nothing alike when it comes to their build (Reagor is 5'11, 196lbs while Jones is 6'3, 220lbs). Maybe Wentz is trying to say that he'll end up being a difference-maker like Jones has been his entire career. Reagor is faster than Julio, so what Reagor lacks in size he makes up for in his game-changing speed.

Those kinds of comments from Wentz will certainly boost Reagor's ego as he goes through training camp. However, as we know in Philadelphia those kinds of comments can come to bite you, because one bad play can cause these comments to be brought back up again in some sort of sarcastic manner.

So at the end of the day, these high praise comments will cause a little more pressure to fall on Reagor's shoulders, but it seems like Reagor is up for the challenge and is embracing the pressure of being a receiver in Philadelphia.

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