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Bryce Harper and the New Look Phillies Affected the Eagles 2019 Schedule

Earlier tonight, the Eagles 2019 schedule was released. and there was an interesting wrinkle it in. The Eagles are the only NFL team this season with three straight road games, which will take place from October 13th-October 27th. So why are they the only team to have that rough patch in their schedule? The answer is Bryce Harper and the rest of the new and improved Philadelphia Phillies.

So because of the Phillies being expected to stay good through the rest of their season, the schedule makers didn't want to have an NFL game and MLB playoff game to possibly take place during the same day and cause traffic chaos in South Philly.

Even though they will have a rough stretch with the three straight road games, they will follow that by staying in Philadelphia for an entire month, playing three straight home games with a bye week mixed in.

So it all evens out right? If you like how the schedule plays out for the Birds in 2019 you can thank the Phillies. If you don't like it, know who to blame.

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