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Brian Dawkins Approves of Jalen Mills' Playing Style

When Brian Dawkins talks, people in Philadelphia tend to listen.

Yesterday Dawkins went on 94WIP to discuss the team. One question he was asked was about Jalen Mills. Mills has been facing some criticism about his play after a rough start to his season, and has recently started talking about fans saying that the "fake fans" need to keep quiet when the team is playing at the end of the year. Dawkins didn't hesitate to say that Mills' confidence is great for him, and for the team overall.

Mills did have a bounce back game against the Colts, and is still bringing that trademarked confidence and finger-wagging that fans seem to either love or loathe.

After Dawkins' interview, there is sure to be some fans that start to see Mills in a different light. He was a 7th round draft pick, and secured a starting spot by his 2nd season in the league, helping the Eagles bring home their first Lombardi Trophy. He does get beat usually at least once a game, but he is most times a secure tackler and brings some of the same intensity and confidence to the Eagles defense that Brian Dawkins brought in the 2000s (obviously not at that same level though). Mills is what he is - a good defensive back, but will never reach the point where he is considered an All-Pro cornerback.



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