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Brandon Graham is Willing to Take a Slight "Hometown Discount" to Stay an Eagle

The man responsible for stopping Tom Brady in Super Bowl LII might have played in his final game in an Eagles jersey this past Sunday.

This offseason defensive end Brandon Graham becomes a free agent, and will have many suitors looking to add him to their team. However, Graham has not ruled out a return to the city that drafted him in the first-round of the 2010 Draft. In fact, he has revealed that if there isn't a drastic difference in money, he would leave some money on the table to stay an Eagle for life.

Howie Roseman now knows how much leverage he will have once he hears other teams' offers to Graham. Roseman knows that players and fans all want him back, so he can even over-spend a little to assure we keep #55 in midnight green for life.

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