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Best Eagles Games to Rewatch While Self-Quarantied

The state of Pennsylvania (and basically the entire United States) has been shut down for the coming weeks due to coronavirus concerns. Being quarantined in your house can get pretty boring, especially when you run out of things to watch on Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+. That's why we took the time to scoured YouTube to try to find Eagles games to watch, and there were surprisingly a wide array of full Birds games available. To save everyone the time, here were the best available that felt like the most re-watchable.

Super Bowl LII

Duh. The Eagles' first Super Bowl victory should still be saved on everyone's DVRs. If not, YouTube's version is just as satisfying to watch. You can still taste New England's tears through this video.

Miracle at the New Meadowlands

One of the few games available in HD, this game is still regarded as one of the best comebacks in NFL history. The HD option does come in handy when you get to see how vividly red Tom Coughlin's face got after DeSean Jackson's punt return.

1980 NFC Championship Game

Another HD option, beating the Dallas Cowboys to go to the Super Bowl is probably the coolest scenario to happen in Eagles history. That game was over as soon as Wilbert Montgomery scored his 1st-quarter touchdown.

Eagles Trouncing Steelers (2016)

Early in Carson Wentz's rookie season, the Eagles used this beatdown against Pittsburgh to pounce to a 3-0 start to the year. Things were looking up when the team headed into the bye, but the season quickly went downhill after that. Fun fact: Wendell Smallwood was the team's leading rusher in the game.

The Double-Doink

I'll be honest and say most of the game felt pretty boring. The 4th-quarter was when everyone's blood pressure went up. I still can remember the euphoria after Golden Tate's touchdown to take the lead immediately followed by the sinking feeling in my stomach when the Bears had their big kick return. Thanks again, Cody Parkey.

The 37-9 Game in Dallas (2017)

Fresh off the bye and on a seven-game winning streak, the Eagles were the hottest NFL team in 2017. Heading into the Dallas game, Cowboys fans really felt they could show the world the Eagles were pretenders and would fold. Carson Wentz and company tore the Cowboys a new one, as the Eagles, quite frankly, spanked their way to a 37-9 victory.


The greatest beatdown of Dallas in Eagles history, with the playoffs on the line for both teams we saw the Birds put down one of the most lopsided games of the 21st century. Seeing T.O. stunned on the other side of the field made this game even more heart-warming for Philly fans.

Eagles Beat Vikings to advance to NFC Championship Game (2004-05)

The Eagles love to play Minnesota in the playoffs. Coming off of a bye, the Birds had no problems earning a berth to the NFC Championship Game. Freddie Mitchell had two touchdowns in this game.

Monday Night Massacre

Probably the most memorable Monday Night Football game in Eagles history, this game was over from the time of the first play. It was 35-0 just 15:09 into the game! Michael Vick's performance in this game is certainly worth the rewatch.

Only Time Eagles beat Peyton Manning (2010)

Peyton Manning manhandled the Eagles in four games during his Hall of Fame career. There was one game though where the Birds stood their ground and kept "The Sheriff" at bay. The good Manning brother was sacked three times and picked off twice in the only game Peyton lost to Philadelphia.

The Body Bag Game

Nine Redskins players got mangled by Eagles in this game, and that menacing defense forced Washington to put rookie running back Brian Mitchell in at quarterback due to all of the injuries suffered. If you're into the old style of football, this game is probably gonna be a fun one to look back over.

House of Pain Game

The Oilers had one of the best offenses in the league heading into this game (especially at home). Then they ran into the great Eagles defense of the early 90s, which led to a thrilling low-scoring affair in which the Birds emerged victoriously.

Eagles Super Bowl Parade

Not a game, but it's still one of the most important days in Eagles history. So why not rewatch this historic event which brought joy to every single Philadelphian? Maybe you can try to find yourself in the crowd. Or just fast forward to Jason Kelce's epic speech.

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