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Around the Outside: Nelson Agholor Will Be Fine

As you may know, the Eagles have signed Jordan Matthews to bolster a depleted WR corps. Many are questioning the signing, as Matthews hasn’t seen success since leaving Philly last year. Others question the signing because Matthews doesn’t necessarily have the tools to succeed as an outside WR and Agholor thrived in the slot last season. Although many fans are correct in the fact that Matthews has struggled to find success since leaving Philly, the others shouldn’t be as worried about Agholor moving to the outside.

When asked about whether he can play on the outside, Agholor feels he is 100% capable, even opposite Alshon Jeffery upon returning from injury. Some question if moving Nelson and Matthews into new positions seems worse than simply having only one WR, Matthews, in a new role. To answer that, Agholor is not learning a new position, and he has the skills to play on the outside; speed, route running, great with the ball in his hands, and now – catching.

In 2015-2016, Agholor lacked the confidence to catch balls, and moving inside grew his confidence as he was playing lesser competition and catching shorter throws. Now with Matthews back on the roster, Agholor should be ready and confident to take snaps on the outside.

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