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Another Week; Another Double Digit Deficit Faced by the Birds

It took six minutes and four seconds for the Cowboys to jump to a 14-0 lead on Sunday Night. Sadly, this isn't a new issue for the Eagles, as they have faced double-digit deficits in all games this year where their opponents weren't named the New York Jets.

They have won only two of those games listed.

What is truly upsetting is there isn't just one aspect to blame. The offense starts slow, the play-calling is too conservative, and the defense couldn't stop a middle school team. This isn't a new issue, as Philadelphia was 18th in 1st quarter point differential in 2018, they're 26th this season (before the Dallas game). For reference, they were 1st in that category in 2017. Back then they got out to quick start after quick start and never looked back.

So what is the cause of the slow starts? What changed between 2017 and now? One can't help but notice the play calling has been different since Frank Reich left after the Super Bowl win to take the coaching job in Indianapolis, and Carson Wentz hasn't looked the same since John DeFilippo left for Minnesota (and is now in Jacksonville).

They have all the talent in the world on paper, and the Super Bowl core is still in place. In my opinion it starts with the coaching. Doug Pederson needs to be aggressive early from now on if the Eagles have any chance at stringing together a winning streak or two to make the playoffs. Carson Wentz can't be throwing the ball only eight times in the 1st Quarter (even with the running game starting off well). The next three games are important to the success of this team in 2019. If they allow double digit deficits in any of these upcoming games, I would expect heads to roll at the NovaCare Complex.


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