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29 Former Eagles Drafted into the XFL

The XFL is officially in the midst of being revived and just rounded up their draft this week. The league has eight teams that are set to take the field this Winter: Dallas Renegades, Houston Roughnecks, Seattle Dragons, DC Defenders, New York Guardians, Los Angeles Wildcats, Tampa Bay Vipers, and St. Louis BattleHawks. This league will try to do what the Alliance of American Football failed to do earlier this year, and that is keep people interested in football during the NFL offseason. When the AAF kicked off its season, there were 27 former Eagles on rosters. For the XFL, the number of former Eagles increased to 29 players. here's a full breakdown of what players are in the league and what teams they ended up on:


Matt McGloin (Guardians)

Luis Perez (Wildcats)

Aaron Murray (Vipers)

Joe Callahan (Dragons)


Donnel Pumphrey (Defenders)

Matt Jones (BattleHawks)

Nico Evans (Wildcats)


Rashard Davis (Defenders)

Seantavious Jones (Vipers)

DeAndre Thompkins (Defenders)

Carlton Agudosi (BattleHawks)

Tim Wilson (Roughnecks)

Freddie Martino (Vipers)


Connor Hamlett (Dragons)


Toby Weathersby (Defenders)

Casey Tucker (Defenders)

Jon Toth (Defenders)

Dallas Thomas (BattleHawks)


Elijah Qualls (Defenders)

Winston Craig (Renegades)

Danny Ezechukwu (Dragons)


Quentin Gause (Wildcats)

Asantay Brown (Renegades)

DB Josh Hawkins (Renegades)

Ed Reynolds (Roughnecks)

Jeremiah McKinnon (Guardians)

Jerome Couplin (Wildcats)

Tre Sullivan (Defenders)

C.J. Smith (Renegades)

If you're interested in watching the XFL and need to find a team to root for since Philadelphia was not selected to host a team, then the most logical team would be the DC Defenders, as they have eight former Birds on the team. But if you're somebody that doesn't want to root for one of these former Eagles because they weren't successful in midnight green, then the Defenders will end up being your least favorite team in the league.

The XFL is sure to have some buzz its opening weekend, but it'll be interesting to see if they have lasting success and end up having a longer tenure than the eight weeks the AAF was functioning.

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