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14 Eagles Set to Become Unrestricted Free Agents

With the regular season officially over, the Eagles are now looking ahead towards the offseason. Howie Roseman has his hands full, as he will have to try to put together a depth-filled roster over the next few months while being cash-strapped with the cap ceiling expected to fall.

There are 14 players with contracts that expire in March.

LT Jason Peters

Peters has spent the past 12 years as a staple on the Eagles offensive line. It's unlikely Roseman hands out a new contract to him, but you never know with this organization...

S Jalen Mills

Mills is an interesting situation. He wasn't necessarily terrible in his switch from cornerback to safety, but he certainly wasn't playing at a Pro Bowl level. If Mills wants big money then he probably isn't getting it in Philadelphia, but I could see a scenario where he returns. There's no question should try to upgrade the position if possible.

QB Nate Sudfeld

Sudfeld has been in the Eagles organization since 2017, but it feels like it's time for a separation to come. He didn't exactly impress in his extended action in Week 17, but he will still have suitors who will bring him in to compete for the backup role, or maybe even the starting role if they are looking for a bridge quarterback.

CB Nickell Robey-Coleman

NRC was supposed to be a big improvement in the slot, and that was certainly not the case. He'll be looking for money this offseason that the Eagles don't have anyway, so fans should prepare to say goodbye to the man who calls himself "SlotGod"

DE Vinny Curry

The veteran and life-long Eagles fan could possibly return if he accepts a veteran-minimum deal. Or Roseman might decide to start the youth movement now and move on from him to bring in some new players to see what they have to offer.

DT Hassan Ridgeway Ridgeway has been a fine rotational piece when he has been healthy, but the past two seasons he ended the year on injured reserve. He has the talent to keep around on a cheap contract, but I wouldn't be surprised if Roseman lets him walk to find someone who is capable of playing a full season.

CB Cre'Von LeBlanc

LeBlanc was a disappointment this year after gaining a cult following late in the 2018 season. He's now

TE Richard Rodgers

Rodgers is probably the player on this list with the strongest chance of coming back. He stepped up big time when Dallas Goedert and Zach Ertz were dealing with injuries. He could be a solid third-string TE moving forward, or could even become the #2 guy if Ertz ends up getting traded this offseason.

DT. T.Y. McGill

McGill was a rotational defensive lineman who filled in when the interior part of the line was dealing with some injuries. He didn't really flash much, but he could come back on a minimum deal to compete for a roster spot, but it's not the end of the world if Roseman tries to find a better upgrade.

LB Duke Riley

Riley is an interesting case because of being a special teams captain and one of the starting linebackers. He was pretty "meh" in both positions, so if he wants a pay-raise he is probably not going to find it here. If he is willing to take a cheap deal and help provide depth for the team, I am sure Roseman would want to take that route. Otherwise, there will likely be a new starting linebacker in 2021.

RB Corey Clement

We will always remember him for Super Bowl LII, but there are younger, cheaper, and better options out there for running back depth. We've probably seen the last of Clement in Philadelphia.

TE Josh Perkins

Perkins was a decent third-string tight end in years past. His future will likely be determined by what the team does with Richard Rodgers. If Rodgers returns Perkins is likey gone, but if Rodgers leaves then Perkins is likely the favorite to be #3 on the depth chart in 2021. There's also a scenario where the team trades Zach Ertz and the three tight ends in 2021 are Dallas Goedert, Richard Rodgers, and Josh Perkins.

LB Nate Gerry

Jim Schwartz is pondering retirement, and we all know that Gerry is one of Schwartz's favorite players for some unknown reason. If Schwartz truly is gone then Gerry has a 0% of returning, but if Schwartz does stay in Philadelphia then Gerry probably has a 20% chance of returning.

S Rudy Ford

Ford was primarily a special teams specialist here. His main specialty though was popping up on the injury report. It should be easy to find a cheap replacement for Ford and to find a replacement that actually gets on the field.

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