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10 Former Eagles Auditioning for Spots in the XFL

This year the Alliance of American Football tried its best to help football fans get through the long and arduous offseason that was in front of them. It drew decent ratings, but the league ended up folding halfway through its inaugural season. Even though that league is now nonexistent, it did wonders for quite a few players from the league, as they drew enough attention to earn NFL contracts.

The XFL might end up playing the same role as the AAF did, as they are slowly getting ready for their 2020 season kickoff. The past few weeks, the XFL has held invitation-only tryouts for players who want to keep their football dreams alive. Of course with so many players trying out, some were bound to have connections with the Philadelphia Eagles. So far there are 10 known players who briefly spent time with the Eagles. They are:

CB Asantay Brown

LB Danny Ezechukwu

TE Clay Harbor

RB Matt Jones

OT Malcolm Bunche

RB Cedric O’Neal

WR Xavier Rush

OT Toby Weathersby

Most of those players were only Training Camp bodies and played some preseason games with the team, but one player who actually contributed as an Eagle is Clay Harbor. In 39 games with the Birds, Harbor recorded 47 catches for 421 receiving yards and four touchdowns.

We still got quite a while before the XFL gets underway, but if at least some of these former Eagles end up making teams, then we know there might be something worth watching on Sunday afternoons in the spring.

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