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Zach Ertz Finally Had a Breakout Game

Before this week, everyone was panicking about Zach Ertz and and there started to be some murmurs about possibly letting Dallas Goedert take his snaps. I guess all the talk gave him the boost of confidence he needed, because he came out and showed that he belongs to be on the field this Sunday against the Bears.

In the 22-14 win, Ertz hauled in nine receptions for 103 yards, and a highlight 25-yard touchdown down the seam. He caught nine out of the 11 passes that targeted him, giving him a catch percentage of 81.8%. He also had a ton of YAC, which is usually one of his weak spots.

I think we can all agree this was Ertz's best games this season, and with DeSean Jackson out again longterm, we need Ertz to bring this energy every week to help make up for what we lost. The Birds are finally getting into a groove, and if these guys play like Ertz did in Week 9, then we have good chance of staying in it and possibly winning the NFC East.

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