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Zach Ertz Contract Talks Come to Halt

Zach Ertz had recently been in talks with the Eagles to get a massive contract extension like George Kittle, Travis Kelce, and Austin Hooper. But those talks have unfortunately made an ‘abrupt halt’.

According to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, the proposed contract “had less guaranteed money than their offer in November” and “less cash over the next four seasons annually than Austin Hooper’s Brown’s contract”. Hooper had signed a four year, $42 Million deal that included a $23 Million guaranteed.

Ertz is signed through 2021, but his camp wanted to put pressure on the team to make a deal sooner rather than later due to the mega extensions involving elite tight ends in the NFL. Ertz had reportedly turned down a deal that would have paid him $10.5 Million per year with two years left on his current deal. The team could easily wait and see how he performs this season and give him that deal after, or just lock him in now.

They could potentially give Ertz a three-year extension worth $39 Million, with a $22 Million guaranteed. The Eagles have a little predicament on their hands with their star tight ends. Both Zach Ertz Dallas Goedert and have two years remaining on their contract and the Eagles probably don’t want to see one or both of them leave the team. Goedert has come out and said that Ertz ‘deserves a contract’ over him. Ertz has a base salary of $6.6 Million this year and is set to make $8.25 Million in 2021, so both sides still have plenty of time to pick up where they left off and hopefully, the end result will be the mega-contract Zach Ertz deserves.

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