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Zach Ertz and His Elite Arm Sleeve

Ever since he entered the NFL, Carson Wentz has had one extra accessory on game days - a black arm-sleeve on his throwing arm. Last season, his favorite target, Zach Ertz, decided to be like his best friend Carson and has switched to having one arm sleeve. Ever since that switch, he has caught more passes, touchdowns, and picked up more yards per game than he ever did before.

Here’s how his numbers break down before and after the equipment change. From 2013 to 2016, wearing just thin black bands around his elbows:

  • Games played: 61

  • Receptions: 247 (4 per game)

  • Touchdowns: 13 (one every 4-5 games)

  • Yards: 2,840 (46 per game)

From 2017 through the first seven weeks of 2018, with one arm sleeve:

  • Games played: 21

  • Receptions: 131 (6.2 per game)

  • Touchdowns: 10 (one every 2 games)

  • Yards: 1,442 (68 yards per game)

Now that you have the facts, you can decide if the mystical arm band has helped or not. Clearly, the numbers don’t lie, despite Ertz having more experience, a bigger role, and a better quarterback. That might also contribute a little to his recent success, but hey, he also caught the game deciding Super Bowl touchdown with the one arm sleeve as well. Don’t doubt the power of the sleeve.

Maybe we should get one for each of the running backs now?

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