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Woman Tells Reporters "Go Birds" As She is Sent to Prison

"Go Birds" is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot in the trig-state area. It can be said when watching an Eagles game on TV or live from a stadium, or it can be said by a stranger to you as he spots Eagles apparel on your person.

To go along with the previously mentioned examples, there are some times where the phrase is thrown around where it isn't really relevant to what's going on - like back in January when a burglar yelled the phrase as he was being put away in a cop car. Yesterday we had yet another upstanding citizen who wanted to let everyone know what was on their mind as they were being locked up. As Gwendolyn Prebish was being officially put away after being convicted of selling drugs that led to a man's death, Prebish wanted the media to know that she was still looking forward to the Eagles season that will be getting underway shortly.

Prebish probably won't be able to watch any of her beloved Birds games for the foreseeable future, but we know that once she becomes a free woman she'll probably utter those famous words again as she exits the prison system.

Go Birds.

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