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With Slow Start to Season, Team Chemistry Is Falling Apart For Eagles

When comparing the Eagles this season to last season's team, there are some obvious differences. Most differences can be seen on the field and how the team is playing, but when off-the-field and on the sidelines, there is an obvious disparity with the team's chemistry. That chemistry became noticeable during the Vikings game, as Fletcher Cox was seen getting into an argument with Jalen Mills.

Cox was angry at Mills for jawing at Adam Thielen after forcing the Vikings to a 4th down field goal attempt. Mills had been beat multiple times in the game by Thielen and Stefon Diggs, but Mills still kept his notorious confidence. Cox didn't like it and tried to force Mills to get to the sideline, where they talked things out with each other.

Cox did a great job because he was likely making sure Mills didn't get an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty which could have kept the Vikings drive going. At the same time Cox was probably frustrated that Mills kept the same demeanor even when trailing by multiple scores, and just wanted to keep things moving and get the ball back in the offense's hands as fast as possible to try and come back from the deficit.

If the Eagles want to turn this season around, they will need to get on the same page and get the chemistry back that was evident in last season's magical Super Bowl run.

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