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Will Eli Manning Get the Last Laugh? Or Will the Eagles Stop This Losing Streak?

After last week's Ryan Fitzpatrick article debacle, I'm not going to make assumptions on the Philadelphia Eagles upcoming opponent's quarterback play. Still, this article is about how Eli Manning has faired against the Eagles since this may potentially be the last time they face the 38-year-old.

The only reason why Manning will be back on the field this weekend is because rookie Daniel Jones suffered a high ankle sprain when a Green Bay Packers defender rolled onto his ankle in Week 13. Jones initially took over for Manning after a Week 2 defeat at the hands of the Buffalo Bills. He ended up making a good debut which has allowed him to play throughout this season without having to worry about being benched for Manning. His play has showed the Giants that he will be their starting quarterback next season, and potentially for years to come, while Manning will either test free agency or announce his retirement. Unfortunately, this game will hurt the Eagles for next season because it is one less game tape for the Eagles to have on Jones (and if Jones sits out the remainder of the season the Birds will have no game tape to study of Jones playing against them).

The Eagles have been going up against Manning since all the way back 2004. With this being his 16th season, Eagles fans surely have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly from Manning in his long career. He is a lot like Ryan Fitzpatrick in that when everything is stacked up against him he plays better for some reason and has some magic or sorcery help him out.

As of now, Manning has the most passing yards against the Eagles in NFL history at 7,791, and also most touchdown passes at 52. However, he also has lost to the Eagles the most times of any QB, losing 20 out of 30 games played against Philadelphia. He also has thrown more interceptions to the Eagles than any other NFL East rival (34). What makes Monday Night's game even more interesting is that for the first time in their historic rivalry, the teams are tied in wins against their opponent (86–86–2). The Eagles have never had a lead in this rivalry (or any of their NFC East rivalries for that manner), so Manning has an opportunity to shut that door for the Eagles (at least until 2020 comes around).

I've seen Manning do the impossible and with the Dallas Cowboys losing on Thursday Night Football against the Chicago Bears, the Eagles still have a legitimate chance to win the NFC East. Winning this game would tie them with the Cowboys, and would help set up a potential winner-take-all showdown in Week 16 between the Birds and the 'Boys at the Linc.

Manning has nothing to lose in this game except the fact of going out on top against a team that has historically given him trouble. With a career record currently at 116-116, Manning will certainly be giving it his all in his potential last NFL start to go out with a winning record. Hall of Fame voters would certainly look at him with a better perception if he finished his career with a winning record.

So my question is: Will Manning get the last laugh and doom the Eagles from making the Playoffs? I guess we will all have to wait and see if the Eagles can get out of this three-game losing streak or if a historic collapse is looming in Philadelphia.

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