Why We Hate the Dallas Cowboys

The Eagles have had three historical rivalries in their 86-year history, but the biggest of the three is undoubtedly with the Dallas Cowboys. The New York Giants and Washington Redskins have been around ever since the Eagles entered the NFL in 1933, but when the Dallas Cowboys joined the league in the 1960s, it changed everything for the city of Philadelphia. The most hated of thoughts from Philadelphians are always reserved for that special team down in the deep south. But why do we consider them our biggest rivals? Why do we hate them so much?

There are many reasons for the hatred. Our writers each have their own specific reasons for disdain of that blue and white team with the star on its helmet. Here's what each of our writers had to say about what bothers them the most about the Dallas Cowboys:

Andrew: I hate the Cowboys fanbase in general, but the biggest thing that irks me is the Cowboys fans that were born and raised in the city of Philadelphia while never even sniffing the city of Dallas in their lifetime. They are attention-seekers who like to stir the pot and initiate conflicts, then once Eagles fans put them in their place, they play the victim and generalize the Eagles fan base and say we are all the same and act like cavemen.

My theory is that these people became Cowboys fans because their parents are Eagles fans, and since their parents never gave them attention growing up or showed them any love, they decided to turn against them and changed their allegiance to the Cowboys, which then got them some of the attention they desperately wanted from their parents for years. This in turn got them disowned from the family, and now they all live as loners scattered throughout the city. This is a friendly reminder to any Cowboys fans in Philadelphia reading this -- your parents don't love you. Nobody loves you. You are the scum of the Earth.

Dylan: Honestly I hate just about everything about the Dallas Cowboys: their culture, their fans, and their team. Even the great players they have had (or have now) just have terrible attitudes, and the team is supposedly "America's Team", which they are doing a horrible job of representing. Carson Wentz is way better than Dak Prescott; without Ezekiel Elliott doing all of the work he would be exposed. So if the Cowboys do win the division this year, it's just one battle, but the Eagles will always win the war! Go Birds!!!!

Zach: There are my reasons why I really dislike the Dallas Cowboys and not just because of the heated and bitter rivalry of the Philadelphia Eagles. Every time the Eagles go out to Dallas to play them, it is usually America's Game of the Week on Fox or on Sunday Night Football on NBC, and I notice a lot of biased not so much from NBC, but from Fox.

Jerry Jones also seems to have a way with how games are officiated and how that stadium is referred to as Jerry World. The Cowboys also treat their coaches badly, especially the way things are going with current head coach Jason Garrett. Personally, I have respect for Garrett, and he seems like a good guy, but at the end of the day, I still hate the Dallas Cowboys more than anyone in the NFL.

The Second Continental Congress meeting adopted the biggest reason why I hate Cowboys -- they are referred to as "America's Team". What I say to that is this: think back to July 4, 1776, as the United States Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia. Franklin Field, where the Eagles played from 1958-1970, was named after Benjamin Franklin, who made Philadelphia his adopted home, and a founding father. So they also need to ask themselves -- what is more American than Philadelphia and the mighty Eagle?

Chalie: My one thing I hate the most about the Cowboys is Jerry Jones. He believes he’s the best thing to ever happen to football, where in reality he has held his team back due to not allowing real football guys to make decisions and getting rid of coaches that challenge the way he and his family thinks. The man singlehandedly has held the Cowboys to irrelevance over the last almost 25 years, so I guess we should be a little thankful for that. But at the end of the day I still despise the man and what he stands for.

Travis: I dislike the Cowboys for two very prominent reasons -- Jerry Jones and their fans. Jerry Jones just has a thing about him that makes him unlikable. He thinks he is better than he is, and he really isn't. And the fans...they're delusional. All I see is them bring up rings from before I was born, and talking way too much trash for a team that has been irrelevant for the past two decades. It is almost like Jerry Jones is the human embodiment of Dallas fans.

Alexis: I have two reasons for why I hate the Cowboys. First off my dad would disown me if I didn’t. Second is that their fans are just plain rude, and not like Philly rude because we are a different kind of breed. Cowboys fans are just extremely condescending and obnoxious and that is the prime reason why so many teams and fanbases hate them. I hope this game is a laughable defeat for "dem cowgirls".

Chauncey: When I think of Dallas, I get a sharp, adrenaline inducing, metallic taste in my mouth. I hate Dallas. Not because they've won anything of precipisce over the past couple of decades, but because they pretend that they've been relevant. The arrogance to call yourselves ”America’s Team, ” when I wouldn't even wipe my feet on a Cowboys doormat.

If I have to fly across country, I will inconvenience myself with an extra connection in another city, just to avoid touching down there. If I must stop through Dallas, then I go by the Cowboys Fan Store to chirp whoever might be unfortunate enough to be repping the brand at that time (don’t worry, they give it as good as they get it). Dallas doesn't have the humility to be Super Bowl Champions. They're America’s dumpster fire, and I'll share that sentiment as long as there is a breath in my lungs!