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Who Are the Top Cowboys Killers in Eagles History?

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

The Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys have a long and storied rivalry spanning multiple generations. They have played 124 games against each other since the Cowboys first entered the NFL back in 1960. The all-time numbers favor the Cowboys, as they currently lead the series 70-54. Even though history favors Dallas, there have been plenty of Eagles players over the years that would dominate Dallas when they took the field against them to help Philadelphia come out with some "W's." Here's a look at some of the best "Cowboy Killers" in Eagles history:

Tommy McDonald

In eight games against Dallas, McDonald averaged a little over three receptions per game. That doesn't sound like dominance, but he ended up with seven touchdowns in those eight games. He certainly made the most of his opportunities.

Donovan McNabb

The Cowboys may own the all-time series lead over the Eagles, but during the McNabb era, the Eagles cut into that massive lead when they won more games than they lost to the Cowboys (12-8). McNabb threw for 3,945 yards and 26 touchdowns (5th-most ever) against the Dallas defense compared to 13 interceptions. He also added five touchdowns on the ground.

His most memorable play against the Cowboys was his 14-second scramble to find Freddie Mitchell deep downfield.

Jerome Brown

Even though his life and NFL career were cut tragically short, Brown played long enough to terrorize Troy Aikman and the Dallas Cowboys. While Brown only recorded 2.5 career sacks against the Cowboys, he helped the Eagles to an 8-1 record over Dallas when he was on the field.  Despite the low sack total, Brown was a constant disruptive force on the interior defensive line. He wreaked havoc on the Cowboys offensive line for the five years he faced them.

Reggie White

Brown didn't rack up the sacks because White was the one stealing all of them. In 15 games against the Cowboys as an Eagle, White registered 14.5 sacks. He had four multi-sack games against the Cowboys, and nobody else in NFL history has had more than two multi-sack games against Dallas. He gave them nightmares for years, and the Cowboys were certainly happy the Eagles front office didn't want to fork over money to him to stay in Philadelphia. He only faced them six other times in a different uniform, racking up just three sacks.

Brian Westbrook

The ball always seemed to be in Westbrook's hands when the Eagles faced the Cowboys in his tenure. 183 rushes and 67 receptions (9th-most ever against Dallas; 3rd-most by a RB) meant that he earned a total of 1,288 yards (4th-most in history against Dallas by an opposing RB) combined through the air and ground in 15 games against Dallas. He reached the endzone himself a total of nine times (2nd-most in history against Dallas by an opposing RB), but also threw a touchdown in a game against the Cowboys. He had seven 100-yard scrimmage games against Dallas, and only three other running backs (Tiki Barber, Ottis Anderson, and Jim Brown) had more.

His most memorable play against the Cowboys was his infamous stop at the goal line to kill the clock instead of scoring a walk-in touchdown.

LeSean McCoy

McCoy averaged 91.8 yards/game on the ground against Dallas, because in 10 games he had 918 yards. He also had a great 5.25 Y/A to help the Eagles move the ball downfield quickly on them. He only scored four total touchdowns though, but at the end of the day he was still a thorn in the Cowboys' hand when he was on the field.

Evan Mathis

In 332 pass-blocking snaps against Dallas in his career, Mathis allowed just eight pressures. He also had a run-blocking grade of 92.6 from Pro Football Focus in his combined games against the Cowboys. He certainly left Cowboys defensive tackles constantly frustrated.

Lito Sheppard

The Eagles’ two longest defensive plays against the Cowboys were both turned in by cornerback Lito Sheppard. He picked off Vinny Testaverde in 2004 and returned it 101 yards, then picked off Drew Bledsoe in 2006 and returned it 102 yards. Sheppard is the only player in NFL history with two 100-yard INT returns against the same team. In total, Sheppard racked up eight interceptions (2nd-most ever by a player against Dallas) in 13 games against the Cowboys.

Sheldon Brown

Lito's counterpart was also a bonafide Cowboy Killer, scoring a touchdown of his own on a fumble recovery. Brown also put up 62 total tackles, one sack, five interceptions, 15 passes defended, and two forced fumbled to go with that fumble recovery touchdown.

Jordan Hicks

In just five games, Hicks recorded four interceptions on Dallas quarterbacks, including one pick-six. He also added one sack, which injured Tony Romo. The fractured clavicle suffered by Romo at the hands of Hicks started his laundry list of injuries that forced his early retirement. If he wasn't so injury probe himself, Hicks would likely still be in Philadelphia and adding to his Cowboy Killer status.

Brandon Graham

BG gets a sack almost every other game against Dallas, recording nine of them in 18 games. He has also added 13 tackles for loss and 21 QB hits, which means he's always disruptive even though Dallas has had some great offensive lines in recent years.

Lane Johnson

Two-time Pro Bowler DeMarcus Lawrence has played 528 defensive snaps in 13 games against the Eagles so far in his seven-year career. Johnson has helped make sure that Lawrence has just 2.0 sacks. That's what I'd call dominance.

DeSean Jackson

Jackson has played in 18 career games against the Cowboys, catching 61 passes for 1,330 yards and six touchdowns. His 1,330 receiving yards against the Cowboys are the 3rd-most in history, behind only Charley Taylor (1,463) and Art Monk (1,357). With Philadelphia, he caught 36 passes for 744 yards and two touchdown in 11 games. Jackson was always a threat in these games, as he has had over 90 receiving yards in three of those 11 games, including a 210-yard performance in 2010.

His most famous play was his 91-yard touchdown from Michael Vick.

He also had a 81-yard touchdown in his final game as an Eagle.

Zach Ertz

Ertz's 66 catches against Dallas are the most of any player against the Boys in NFL history. With 15 games played against them, that means we see Ertz catching about 4.5 receptions per game against the 'Boys. His 641 yards and four touchdowns in those games ain't too shabby either.

Harold Carmichael

The PFHOFer has the 2nd-most receptions ever against Dallas, behind only the aforementioned Ertz. He also has the 2nd-most yards (992) and touchdowns (11). Oddly, Carmichael finished his career with Dallas, playing two games in 1984, but I'm sure he doesn't think fondly of those times in that gross uniform.

Brian Dawkins

With 17 wins, Brian Dawkins beat the 'Boys more than any other player in NFL history. B-Dawk was a part of 17 wins over the Cowboys in his time as an Eagle. He played big parts in those wins, totaling four interceptions, 2.5 sacks, and four forced fumbles vs. Dallas.

Duce Staley

Staley's best game against the Cowboys is the fondly-remembered Pickle Juice Game, where he picked up 201 yards on the ground. In total, he racked up 840 yards (6th all-time against the Cowboys) and 1,193 scrimmage yards (also 6th all-time against the Cowboys).

Andy Harmon

Harmon faced the Cowboys eight times and averaging one sack per game (8.0 sacks in 8 games). Those 8.0 sacks are the most ever by an opposing defensive tackle. About 20% of Harmon’s 39 1/2 career sacks came against the Eagles big-time rival. 

Wes Hopkins

Nobody in history picked off the Cowboys more than Hopkins. He recorded nine career interceptions against Dallas, tied with New York Giants safety Terry Kinard for most ever. He finished his excellent career with 30 interceptions, so 30% of them came against the Eagles' biggest rival. 

Randy Logan

Dallas had Philly's number back when safety Randy Logan was playing -- Logan and the Birds only won 5 of the 21 games they played in against the Cowboys. Still, he was a bit of a thorn in the Cowboys' side -- Logan had seven interceptions against Dallas, the 3rd-most ever by a player against the Cowboys. He had 23 career interceptions, so 30% of them came in this rivalry setting.

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