Who Are the Eagles Scouting? November 2018 Edition

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

December is here and we are hitting the home stretch of the college football season. At the moment the Eagles find themselves in the hunt for a divisional title, but with another loss or two they might have an early off-season and high-to-mid round draft pick.

Eagles scouts have been busy this season checking out college football practices and games in all parts of the country. You can check out their known August scouting assignments here, September scouting assignments here, and October scouting assignments here.

This article will be detailing the known games and practices Eagles scouts were seen at in November, and taking a stab at who the Eagles might have been scouting for the 2019 Draft. Let's dive right in:

Alabama vs. LSU – November 3rd

Alabama: Raekwon Davis | DE | 6’7, 316 lbs| Jr.

An absolute UNIT on the defensive line for the Crimson Tide, Davis swallows up offensive lineman as the anchor for Alabama. Davis uses strong hands to keep o-lineman at bay to shed and make the tackle against the run. An elite defender against the run, but still developing into his pass-rushing abilities.

Alabama: Quinnen Williams | DT | 6’4, 295 lbs| So.

Unless the Eagles fall to a bottom five team, there is no chance at them being able to walk to the podium to call Williams' name. An elite defensive product out of Alabama and a consensus top three pick, Q uses his array of pass rushing abilities and strong hands to make his money. Much like his teammate Raekwon Davis, when double teamed he anchors his position and doesn't give up much despite a smaller frame for a defensive lineman.

Alabama: Deionte Thompson | S | 6’2, 196 lbs| Jr.

Another consensus top 10 pick out of Alabama, the Eagles will be lucky if he falls to the bottom half of the draft. Thompson possesses elite range as a single high safety, and loves to make a hit. Thompson would fit right in and lead the new wave of Eagles safeties, after Mcleod's contract is up in 2020.

Alabama: Jonah Williams | LT | 6’5, 301 lbs| Jr.

Starting at tackle since his freshman year at Alabama, Williams has been a mainstay on the edge for the Crimson Tide. Depending how the draft board falls, Williams may also be a top 10 pick and out of the reach of the Eagles. However, Williams' technique, strength, and lateral ability will allow him to fill in as the blind side protector for any franchise that calls him name.

Alabama: Damien Harris | RB | 5'11, 215 lbs| Sr.

A guy who has seemingly been running between the tackles for Bama for ages, Harris the Senior is finally heading to the NFL. Harris has good hands out of the backfield, and can bang between the tackles as a jack of all trades, no true master of one. Harris reminds me a bit of Mark Ingram with his playing style (by no means is he Ingram yet).

Alabama: Mack Wilson | ILB | 6'2, 239 lbs| Jr.

Fast. Ferocious. Wilson, an aggressive linebacker who is always looking to make a hit. Blitzes well from the ILB position and has shown ability to shed blocks to fill holes. If he can't get to the QB or is in zone coverage, the arms are up trying to block passes. Wilson's best trait is in coverage, where he is able to utilize his athleticism. Unfortunately with his aggressiveness comes missed tackles due to throwing his body around rather than always wrapping up. If the Eagles decide to move on from Hicks in his quiet contract year, Mack Wilson will be a solid replacement.

LSU: Devin White | LB | 6'1, 240 lbs| Jr.

The man rode his horse through Death Valley. Regarding his play, White is regarded by some as the fastest LB in college football, and a huge contributor to LSU's resurrgance to CFB's elite. Much like Wilson, White is a fast and aggressive LB, which is desired in today's NFL. Again with Hicks relatively quiet season in a contract year, the Eagles may be looking for a younger replacement in the LB corps.

LSU: Garrett Brumfield | G | 6'4, 303 lbs| Sr.

Brumfield uses athleticism to pull and strength to stun rushers. Can be a great fit in the Eagles scheme, just needs to work on his technique as he seems to get beat when over extended.

Ohio State vs. Nebraska – November 3rd

Ohio State: Dre'Mont Jones | DT | 6’3, 286 lbs| Jr.

If he chooses to come out early, Jones will likely be an early-round pick. The Eagles could use help at defensive tackle with Fletcher Cox the only known part of the future at the position.

Ohio State: Parris Campbell | WR | 6’1, 208 lbs| Sr.

Campbell is a player exactly like Nelson Agholor - you want to get the ball in his hand as soon as possible so he can use his speed to break a big play. If Agholor (and Golden Tate) walk in free agency, Campbell can be a legitimate replacement who steps right into the slot role. He could also be the team's future at kick returner and punt returner.