What is Pass Interference?

Did you know: no two zebras have the same stripes? Another fun fact, no two zebras call the same penalties. By zebras, I mean NFL referees. The inconsistency in officiating has been a hot topic in the NFL recently. Last week during Thursday Night Football, even Tom Brady had to change the game because of the amount of penalties.

The question used to be, “what is a catch?” And now, it’s “what is pass interference?”. After the first game of Week 4, the NFL world has been up in arms about it.

Two non-pass interference calls were challenged last night by both the Eagles and Packers. While both were eventually failed challenges, it still raises the question, what is PI? The trend seems to be that the call on the field will stand, unless something egregious, like getting tackled before catching the ball, goes uncalled. I have to agree with this sentiment. For the most part, these calls are made in seconds and the fouls are happening within less than a second.

As fans, we don’t like the fact that there are so many penalties called. On the flip side, we also believe that the PI on Alshon should have been called. Unfortunately, we cannot have our cake and eat it too. We need to decide what we would rather watch: less flags or more flags with the likelihood of being overturned.


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