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What Do We Know About the 2019 Eagles?

We’ve seen two nail biters to open the 2019 Eagles campaign, and it, to be frank, has not been fun. When you’re sitting in your living room, watching the Birds on your couch as the AC blows in your face that’s somehow still sweating profusely, the last thing you want to see is Julio Jones do something to the Eagles he barely ever does – score.

Yet score he did as Jim Schwartz dialed up one final (and fatal) blitz that paved the way for Andrew Sendejo to be the last line of defense, mercifully jogging behind Jones on that bubble screen turned fourth down conversion that ultimately rewarded the Falcons with a victory. Deep breath.

Down four with just over two minutes to go, one of the NFL’s youngest stars stepped up to the plate without his top two outside receivers. Carson Wentz eventually delivered a strike to Nelson Agholor, and waves of 2016 flushed over my already red face. Agholor, sprinting on the sidelines with only daylight in front of him, dropped the single most catchable touchdown pass that he’s ever had. The ball’s trajectory needed no adjustment, barely any look-it-in, and were 15 air yards removed from essentially being counted as a handoff. Drop.

After Jones’ game winning touchdown, and the Chicago Bears’ game winning 53-yard field goal earlier in the afternoon, Agholor’s drop felt deserved – as if karma decided to take over a play. Philadelphia’s luck seemed to have run out, especially when Agholor eventually caught one of the most uncatchable and improbable passes of the night on 4th and 14 to keep hope alive for Philly. Alas, it eventually meant nothing.

This game is not cause for panic. Our Birds battled til the clock hit quadruple zeros, and nearly won it for us. This wasn’t a playoff game or the Super Bowl – it was week two against a solid team with veteran playmakers. You’ll likely read how bad Wentz looked in quarters one and two, and how the offensive line couldn’t do their job for the run game, and how the secondary (cough Ronald Darby) looked like burnt toast for much of the contest. However, remember how they fought, and how Carson Wentz showed you that he’s gonna take a shot to the ribs and go back in. Rocky once said, “It ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward – how much you can take, and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done.” That’s a real, historic quote. Google it.

In all seriousness, be proud of the resiliency and demeanor that the players had on display Sunday night. The Eagles are 1-1 as they get ready to play the Detroit Lions next Sunday at 1:00 p.m.

By the way, all eyes on Isaac Isaac Seumalo and Andrew Sendejo next week. Sendejo was a missed sack away from being banished from Philadelphia, and Seumalo, well, was just abysmal. If we hear your name called for a flag or missed assignment more than 3 times in one night… you might be terrible.

Go Birds.

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