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Week 7 Positional Advantages: Eagles at Raiders

The Eagles have their second interconfertnce matchup of the season as they get ready to take on the Raiders in the Sin City. This article will compare both teams at every position and see which one has the advantage in this matchup.

QB: Advantage Raiders

Jalen Hurts is a much better with his legs than Derek Carr, but he has yet to impress with his pocket passing and (lack of) arm strength. Carr has the advantage on Sunday.

RB: Advantage Raiders

Until Nick Sirianni actually allows a running back to get 15+ touches in a game, the Eagles running backs can’t be considered an advantage other any other team’s rushing game. But Hurts is definitely a better running quarterback than Carr, so maybe the running game won’t be that drastic in this one. Sanders & Gainwell are just as talented as Josh Jacobs & Kenyan Drake, but at the end of the day the Raiders running backs have the advantage.

WR: Push

Both receiving corps are young and full of potential, so this matchup is a push for Sunday.

TE: Advantage Raiders

Darren Waller is in his prime as Dallas Goedert is just getting to spread his wings a bit now that Zach Ertz is out of town. Advantage Raiders for this matchup.

OL: Advantage Eagles

The Raiders o-line has allowed 17 sacks so far, while the Eagles have only allowed 12 with most of the o-line hurt or playing out of position. With Lane Johnson back and Jordan Mailata shifting back to LT, the Eagles have the clear advantage for Sunday.

DL: Push

The Eagles defensive line is rarely matched, but so far in 2021 the Raiders d-line has impressed. They have plenty of quality depth on the line as well, so I see this matchup as a push.

LBs: Advantage Raiders

It is not likely the Eagles have any linebacker advantages this season since the front office never addresses the position properly in the offseason.

DBs: Advantage Eagles

It’s been shocking that the Eagles have had competent cornerback play since it’s been a long time since we’ve seen it. Yes there’s been a few games where the defense gave up a ton of points, but as a whole the defense has been pretty good in 2021, especially the DBs. The Raiders have a quality defensive backfield too, but the Birds have the advantage for Sunday.

STs: Push

The Raiders have a slight advantage with their kicker, but the Eagles' entire special teams unit has been very solid so far this season, so I don't see anything that tips the scales one way or the other.

Closing Comments

The Eagles have a unique possibility of starting 3-1 in their road games this season (and 0-3 in home games), and they will have a decent shot of making it a reality if they use their matchups well.

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