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Week 3 Return For Carson Wentz?

While the Eagles are spending the first NFL Sunday of the 2018 season relaxing after defeating the Atlanta Falcons on Thursday night, there’s still Birds-related news floating around. Earlier reports this week indicated the Eagles are being (rightfully) cautious with quarterback Carson Wentz, but Chris Mortensen reports that the situation is much more optimistic. Chris Mortensen is predicting a Week 3 return, and states that regardless Wentz’s return is coming “sooner than later.”

Obviously, the Eagles want to be careful with their franchise QB as the next 10 years are more important than the next few games. Nick Foles has proven to be serviceable and was kept on board to afford the Birds the luxury of being careful with Wentz. That being said, Wentz is clearly the more dynamic quarterback of the two, and it will be great to see him back on the field.

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