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Week 3 2020 In-Game Thoughts: First Half

The Eagles head into halftime with a 13-10 lead over the Cincinnati Bengals. In a half filled with ups and downs, here are a few thoughts on what's happened so far in Week 3 for the Birds:

• Carson Wentz has the yips. Even when he makes good decisions, his throws are just all over the place. I doubt the Eagles would bench him this season, so at this point fans just have to hope this stint with the yips is coming to an end soon rather than just the beginning of it.

• The defense has done a good job keeping the 2020 #1 overall pick off his game. The entire d-line is putting pressure on him and actually getting hits on him.

• Josh Sweat has been impressive so far in 2020. He might force the Eagles to ditch Derek Barnett after the season (yes I know Barnett has a sack today too, but he only had to beat a tight end, which every DE should be able to do easily).

• Jason Peters should be ashamed for demanding a pay raise and then putting on this kind of performance. He is constantly getting beat which is making Wentz uncomfortable.

• Even though the defense has played pretty good in the first half, they still haven't forced any turnovers this season. That absolutely needs to change if the Eagles are going to win this game (or any games this season).

• That touchdown to end the half was beautiful, and hopefully, that will calm the nerves of Wentz heading into the second half.


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