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Week 2 2020: Post-Game Thoughts

Well, the Eagles had some momentum heading into the second half, but the Rams ended up choking the Birds into submission. Here are some thoughts on the second half of the game and the outlook for next week:

• The defensive line starting getting pressure on Jared Goff and look at what happens -- good things! They just need to start consistently getting pressure all 60 minutes of a game.

• Wentz was looking fine to start the second half, then he goes ahead and forces a throw into the endzone that gets picked and the Eagles lost all of their momentum.

• Nate Gerry is just not a good linebacker. The Eagles gave up three touchdowns to Tyler Higbee today, largely in thanks to Gerry. It's fine to keep him for special teams and as a depth backup in 2021, but the Eagles desperately need to upgrade their linebacking group this offseason.

• Obviously in the redzone it could have worked out if Wentz tried extending plays, but he was smart by throwing the ball away twice and giving the field goal unit its chance to put up three points. In the long run, those types of plays are going to help the Eagles offense out. It was up to the defense to come out and stop the Rams on the next possession but they gave up the huge run that basically decided the game.

• The 4th down pass at the 8-minute-mark just looked like a lost play in general. No one was open and the play didn't look like anyone was supposed to be open anyway -- Wentz threw it just hoping it'd get deflected and popped up for his receiver to catch it.

• We are now going into next week having no confidence against the Cincinnati Bengals. Last year we would have laughed at that notion.

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