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Week 2 2020 In-Game Thoughts: First Half

The Eagles look like the juice that comes out of the bottom of a trash bag. Here are some quick thoughts from that atrocious first half that started to turn a corner in the last few minutes.

• Carson Wentz picked up where he left off last week. His accuracy is off and that's throwing off everything for his receivers. The offensive line hasn't been horrible so he can't blame them. The touchdown drive that finished with a QB sneak was the best Carson looked since the first drive of Week 1.

• Jim Schwartz has watched the Rams run bootleg after bootleg after bootleg, and he still hasn't had his defense adjust to it.

• The defensive line has produce no pass rush today. The pass rush is vital to this defense's success, so it's no surprise that the lack of pass rush has led to this massive deficit.

• Nickell Robey-Coleman especially doesn't look good out there. I was expecting a big season from him after hearing how well he was playing in Traning Camp. A massive disappointment so far in 2020.

• Ultimately J.J. Arcega-Whiteside should have caught that short 3rd down pass, but Wentz did throw it behind him. If Wentz makes a better throw JJAW completes that first down.

• Jalen Reagor is showing his potential. He flashed his speed coming out of the backfield on a short pass and was able to pick up a first down. Then Wentz threw him a hospital ball over the middle and Reagor was able to secure the catch while having the wind knocked out of him.

• I liked the Jalen Hurts distraction play. All the attention was on #2, so that was able to open the middle up for Dallas Goedert.

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