Week 14 PFF Grades

Almost a week removed from Jalen Hurts' first start as an Eagle and arguably the team's best performance of the season. It's strange to think about when we remember the only change the Eagles made before last week's game was at QB, but the entire team seemed to play better. Not too many standout performances but there were a few interesting things to look at.


Best Grade: RB Miles Sanders: 76.8

Miles Sanders was finally given the ball and we were able to see how good he is and what an asset he can be to the team. The second-year back ran for 115 yards on 14 carries with a long of 82. It makes you wonder why he hasn't been in the game plan as of late.

Worst Grade: QB Jalen Hurts 49.7

The only time Carson Wentz was graded worse than this was Week 1 against Washington. Breaking down the PFF analysis, you see Jalen Hurts was great at getting out of pressure and scrambling for positive yards, but his passing game wasn't anything to be scared off. PFF grades are based on what is expected from the position on any given play. Hurts' fourth-quarter fumble is also something that brought down his grade.


Best Grade: SS Rodney McLeod, 77.2

In his last game of the year, Rodney McLeod turned in the best defensive performance on the team. His coverage grade (76.3) was the best on the team and he was an asset in blitz assist roles. McLeod suffered a torn ACL in the third quarter and will pass on his duties to rookie K'Von Wallace in Week 15.

Worst Grade: LB Alex Singleton, 29.8

The leading candidate for rollercoaster player of the year. He has been the best and the worst depending on the game. This week he allowed 12.8 yards per reception and a touchdown; he led the team in tackles with 10, but also led the team in missed tackles with three.

Notable Grades:

The Eagles (84.6) are still the second-best pass rush team in the league.

Miles Sanders (72.9) has the 7th highest elusive rating* in the league (minimum 100 carries).

*The PFF "Elusive Rating" distills the success and impact of a runner with the ball independently of the blocking in front of him by looking at how hard he was to bring down.

The Formula: (Missed Tackles Forced) / (Designed Run Attempts + Receptions) * (Yards After Contact Per Attempt * 100)


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