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Week 1 2020 In-Game Thoughts: First Half

Heading into Week 1's game against the Washington Football Team (LOL), it felt like a majority of analysts and fans were expecting the Eagles to come out sluggish. They fooled everyone by scoring 17 straight points in the first half. Washington put up a touchdown before halftime to make it 17-7.

Here are some quick thoughts from the first half of Eagles football in 2020:

•Malik Jackson made his presence felt early, forcing a quick incompletion on 3rd down and a quick punt on Washington's 1st drive. Jackson is going to be a very important piece for this Eagles defense. He also stopped the run on 3rd-and-two on Washington's 2nd drive to force a punt.

•The offense looked like a well-oiled machine on their first drive. Such a foreign concept compared to last season's 1st-half offense. It'll calm the nerves of Eagles fans everywhere if they can remain functional on their first drive of every game.

•It's no secret that the Eagles would use their two tight ends early often. Yet even knowing what's coming, it's hard for defenses to contain.

•Carson Wentz's bomb to Jalen Reagor was an absolute beauty. The Eagles offense deeply missed those kinds of deep plays last season when DeSean Jackson went down with his injury (In Weeks 2-17 of 2019, the Eagles did not produce a single 50-yard gain in the passing game.). Hopefully one of Reagor/Jackson is available for all 16 games so we can see what Wentz can do with a vertical deep threat for an entire season

•Even though Wentz has been sacked four times already, the right side of the line (Nate Herbig, Jack Driscoll) is holding up relatively well. Obviously you shouldn't have expected them to play like Brandon Brooks and Lane Johnson, but Carson Wentz has still been able to move the offense, and that's all you can ask for.

•I know it's "only" Washington, but if the Eagles stay healthy on offense and protect Wentz from getting hurt, I think #11 will be in the running for MVP. He has enough offensive weapons to make it a reality.

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