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VIDEO: Carson Wentz Ditches Knee Brace for OTAs

Eagles fans were given a surprise today, as quarterback Carson Wentz took the field for OTAs without a knee brace. Wentz wore a knee brace during the 2018 season fresh after a torn ACL, but he apparently feels comfortable enough with his knee that he is ready to let it breathe.

Wentz looked agile on his knee during individual drills.

When it came time to throw at some targets though, Wentz started out a little rusty, which should have been expected after not throwing a pass since December.

In an interview after today's practice, Wentz said he is officially ditching the knee brace for the 2019 season. Fans will likely hold their breath every time Wentz is hit, but if he and the medical staff believe he is ready for his knee (and back) to have no protection, then all we can do is trust them and hope for the best.

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