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Updates on All Eagles Injured in Last Night's Game

Not only are we down some key players after last night's loss, but I’m out a hard earned 20 bucks thanks to a bet I made with my Cowboys fan boss. However we can’t look at this game too negatively, the team was down so many players and still managed to keep it an interesting game only losing by four. This game shouldn’t be discouraging but uplifting that we still have the ability to fight. Below are updates from last nights injuries:

Jackson: DeSean claims to just have a sore groin and was spotted at practice walking fine. He was scheduled for an MRI this morning but thankfully it doesn’t look like a long term injury and he should be back by next Sunday.

Clement: Corey was knocked out of the game yesterday with a shoulder injury. His MRI shows nothing serious and looks like he will be back in 1-2 weeks. More information will be revealed on him later in the week.

Jerrigan: Tim was taken out of the game last night with what looked like a bad foot injury that he wasn't able to walk on. The foot is broken but doesn’t require surgery. The foot should be healed in 4-6 weeks.

Jeffrey: Alshon was taken out on an injured calf. No news has been released on that but Pederson hints it doesn’t look serious. His status for Sunday is uncertain.

Goedert: Dallas' calf injury is related to the one he suffered during the team’s first preseason game, according to Doug Pederson. There’s been no timeline reported for Goedert's recovery.

Thankfully none of the injuries are season ending and we can use this game as motivation to keep going and won the rest. Let us not forget we started with the same record the year we won the Super Bowl two seasons ago.

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