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Two Former Eagles Seemingly Point to a Big Issue That Has Developed in the Organization

The Eagles were on top of the football world just three short years ago. During their Super Bowl run and in the offseason that followed, the organization was constantly praised for how great it was being, and that it was becoming an organization that players would love to come to.

The team is failing miserably in 2020, and with the losses piling up the team is making roster moves to still try to somehow win the division. They decided to waive safety Will Parks, who is a Philadelphian native who made it clear it was a dream come true to play for his hometown team.

The decision to waive Parks made Shareef Miller, another Philadelphia native who was recently cut from the team's practice squad, make a cryptic comment on Instagram.

The comment was deleted a few minutes after it was posted, but the point was still made by Miller and heard loud and clear to the fans.

Parks ended up being claimed by the Denver Broncos, the team he started his NFL career with. Once he was claimed, he took to Twitter to also make a cryptic message.

You can try to chalk it up to two players just being bitter about the business side of football, especially with them both being Philadelphia natives and being cut by their hometown team. However, after all the praise the Eagles locker room used to get in recent seasons, this makes it clear that there is a big problem developing at the NovaCare Complex.

Parks' comment about it not being 2017 is especially noteworthy. This makes it apparent that Howie Roseman and/or Doug Pederson are trying to use their Super Bowl win as a point to players that neither Roseman nor Pederson are not in the wrong whenever a disagreement comes up or a problem is caused.

It's now up to Jeffrey Lurie to know all of the facts and figure out the issue that is arising. If he wants 2021 to be different from this season, it feels like changes need to be made. Lurie can try to make minor tweaks and hope that it helps the situation, but with former players airing out the team's dirty laundry, a massive change needs to happen for the flames on this junkyard fire to be put out.

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