Travis vs Jason: What Kelce Speech Was Best?

In the words of the Beastie Boys, and most recently Travis Kelce, "You've Got to Fight, For Your Right, To Paaaaarrtyyy!"

The Chiefs Super Bowl parade took place today, and the world was watching for what started as one reason, Travis Kelce's speech. Did Travis find the compassion top his big brother Jason's speech from two years prior? Let's break both down.

Jason's Speech

Jason Kelce's Super Bowl parade speech was one of lore. Dressed as a mummer, a Philadelphia legend, Jason ripped into the media with such conviction and energy that the whole city has since embraced. Jason reminded everyone of the smack talk that was bestowed upon the players, coaches and front office before the season; most notably "Doug Pederson can't coach" and "Lane Johnson can't stay off the juice". However, what made Jason's speech so impactful, was how he enamored Eagles fans by relating to us. We were hungry dogs, championship starved for 51 years. A fan base that was always pissed off, due to the years and years of heartbreak. Jason put it all on the line and told the story in a way that captivated us - all while seemingly yelling at us.

Travis's Speech

Little brother did not disappoint. With a number of WWE references, Kelce brought the passion we would expect. He paid a solid tribute to the veterans, and the heart of America, Kansas City. Next up, he spoke about Andy Reid, and how he has been fighting for a championship since the previous millennium. Travis followed that up by talking about the Chiefs playoff run, and how they could never be counted out thank's to Patrick Mahomes and Andy.

The Verdict

Most agree: the original is always the best. It is difficult to name a movie or TV show where the sequel was better, and this was exactly the case here. Big brother Jason's speech was original and came from a place no one else could pull from. While Travis did have an amazing speech, it seemed like he was intently trying to top his brother.

Aaaaandd STILL the Championship Parade Speech Champion of the World: Jason Kelce!


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