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Training Camp Star Suffers Season-Ending Surgery

With the loses of Michael Bennett and Chris Long this offseason, there were two openings likely in the defensive end group for 2019. Howie Roseman brought back Vinny Curry who has basically secured one of those two openings, which means there is one one roster spot for the rest of the depth defensive ends on the roster to battle for.

One player who had started to break from the pack and show that he deserved that final defensive end spot was Joe Ostman, the second-year pass-rusher out of Central Michigan. Ostman received non-stop praise from the coaching staff and his teammates for what he's been able to do in the weight room and on the practice field these past few months.

Just as it started to seem like he was securing a spot on the 2019 Eagles, he suffered a torn ACL in the open Training Camp practice Sunday night. The injury will cost him the entire year. The Eagles signed Karim Edebali to take his place on the 90-man roster.

A brutal blow for the young end, Ostman will now have to rehab from this injury and basically start from scratch in 2020. Shareef Miller, Daeshon Hall and Edebali will now be receiving the reps lost by Ostman. Miller will likely have the best chance of taking that last roster spot out of those three contenders.

The signing of a veteran like Edebali might mean the end of the Connor Barwin reunion idea that has been floating around the last few weeks. Anything can happen during the preseason though so no doors are closed this time of year.

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