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Top 10 Plays From the 2019 Season

The 2019 season for the Philadelphia Eagles felt like a TV show -- lots of drama filled with highs and lows. This article will highlight the highs from the season, as this will rank the top 10 plays from the season. Out of the 10 plays, seven of them were on the offensive side of the ball while three of them were on the defensive side. Take a look below and see if you agree with the plays and where they were ranked:

10) Nelson Agholor's double-spin touchdown vs Lions

Before looking back through all Eagles highlights this season I completely forgot that this play happened. Agholor's mishaps this season overshadowed the little success he did have on the field. This spin was similar to some of his great spin moves Agholor showed in Super Bowl LII. This is most likely Agholor's last highlight of him on an Eagles uniform.

9) Carson Wentz ducks sack then throws a dime vs Jets

It was a toss-up between this play and the play in the Falcons game where he completed a pass while almost simultaneously being on his knees. I think this one was a little more impressive just because of the fact that after escaping the sack his pass was a perfect strike to his receiver. Wentz is very good at escaping sacks and extending plays, and I think this is one of the best examples of how he can do that.

8) Nate Gerry's pick-six vs. Jets

With only 11 interceptions as a unit this season, there wasn't a lot of highlights from the Eagles defense. This one was a nice one though as it was a team effort -- Brandon Graham's pass rush made Luke Falk rush his throw and Gerry took advantage.

7) Greg Ward's game-winning touchdown vs Redskins

This game was the second-consecutive game where Wentz led the offense to a comeback victory and a game-winning drive. At first the pass looked like a scary one since it was a rainbow, but he placed it perfectly for Ward to grab it without interference from Josh Norman.

6) Sidney Jones breaks up Cowboys last ditch effort for NFC East title

That week redemption was spelled: J-O-N-E-S. Pressed into play due to a Ronald Darby injury, the once-benched Jones stepped up big-time on this 4th-down play. This play essentially clinched the NFC East for the Eagles, and gave Jones a great vote of confidence to bring into 2020.

5) Miles Sanders long touchdowns run vs Bills

This play is what jumpstarted a rookie campaign to remember in Philadelphia, which might culminate in a Rookie of the Year Award for Sanders. It also helped the Eagles get back on track with a win after suffering two straight blowout losses.

4) Craig James deflection turns into Nigel Bradham interception vs Packers

Coming off of two straight losses, a third consecutive loss would have been devastating this early in the season. Instead, the newly-signed and relatively unknown Craig James came to the rescue. He only played two snaps in this game, and in one of those snaps he became the hero by deflecting the pass well-enough for Nigel Bradham to snag an interception and seal a hard-fought victory up in Green Bay.

3) DeSean Jackson's 2nd long TD from Carson Wentz vs Redskins

After seeing a second deep touchdown to Jackson in one game, visions of another parade down Broad Street flashed through Eagles fans' heads. Wentz FINALLY had a deep threat he needed to make the offense a weapon of mass destruction. It's a shame what developed after this game...

2) DeSean Jackson's first touchdown back in Eagles uniform vs Redskins

Down 17-0 to an awful Redskins team near halftime, panic was starting to set in at the Linc. Finally, Wentz decided to say "what the hell" and just chucked a ball downfield to see what would happen. He found Jackson for his first touchdown in an Eagles uniform in six years and the Linc erupted the same way it did for Patrick Robinson's pick-six in the NFC Championship Game. Jackson was finally back where he belonged, and everything was right in the world.

1) Carson Wentz's laser to Miles Sanders vs Redskins

If you look up the definition of a dime in football, you will see video of this throw. It was an amazing play because Wentz had to buy time, then he had to look off the linebackers to make sure he had a little bit of room to throw to Sanders. He had the narrowest of windows to squeeze this ball into, but Wentz delivered it to help give the Eagles the lead in a must-win game. I wouldn't be surprised if we later find out Sanders broke or dislocated a finger or two on this play from catching a ball like that.

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