Top 10 Eagles RBs of 2010’s

Over the next week or so, we are taking a look back at some of the best Eagles of the 2010s by position. First up we ranked the top 10 quarterbacks of the past decade, and now we have moved on to the running backs. Some of these ballcarriers will bring up some painful memories of the past decade, while others will help Super Bowl memories dance in your heads. Here's how we see the top 10 running backs between 2010-2019:

10) DeMarco Murray

The talent was there, but the coaching scheme absolutely wasn’t. For the very short time that Murray was in Philadelphia, he was extremely ineffective. The one big thing we can thank Murray for was he was the first time we as a city questioned Chip Kelly. Murray recorded 702 rushing yards and scored six touchdowns on the ground in his lone season in Philadelphia. He added 44 receptions and 322 receiving yards with a reception touchdown as well.

9) Ryan Matthews

Another Chip Kelly move, however he fit the offense a lot better than DeMarco Murray did. His only issue was what ended his career, injuries. Ryan Matthews was constantly hurt throughout his career and he finally couldn’t play anymore after having a neck injury and retiring. In two seasons with the Birds, Mathews rushed for 1,200 yards and 14 touchdowns, with an additional 33 receptions for 261 yards and two receiving touchdowns.

8) Wendell Smallwood

I know you wouldn’t think of Smallwood of being a top 10 running back for the franchise in the decade, but for the 2010s there are slim pickings! Smallwood was one of the hardest workers we had in the team and he did everything that was asked of him and more. Smallwood was average or above average at everything he did, but just never had enough to win the starting job. In three seasons with the team, Smallwood had 850 rushing yards and five touchdowns; He also caught 47 passes for 388 receiving yards and two more touchdowns.

7) Corey Clement

If it weren’t for the Super Bowl performance, he probably wouldn’t be on this list. However, that year he was able to do some special things on the field as both a runner and a receiver during 2017 and showed that he has some real potential. Through three seasons, Clement has 580 rushing yards with six touchdowns, as well as 32 receptions for 315 yards and two receiving touchdowns. Of course in Super Bowl LII, he had 100 receiving yards on four receptions, and had that amazing touchdown in the back of the endzone where he was just able to get both feet in.

6) Jordan Howard

This was the last year of the decade and he was hurt for almost half the season, but when he played he was a force on the field. He fought for yards constantly and kept always moving forward. He is such a solid power RB and makes you think of someone a little higher on this list. In 2019 he had 525 rushing yards and six touchdowns on the ground, with an additional 10 catches, 69 yards and a receiving touchdown.

5) Jay Ajayi

He was another guy who had such great talent, but just couldn’t keep healthy. He was acquired in 2017 and gave the Eagles another spark in the backfield. He was pretty successful in his first year with the Eagles helping them win their first Super Bowl and was on track for a great second year before tearing his ACL. In parts of three seasons in Philadelphia, the JayTrain compiled 622 rushing yards with four touchdowns. He also caught 15 balls for 111 yards with one more touchdown.

4) LeGarrette Blount