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Top 10 Eagles Offensive Linemen of 2010’s

Over the past few days, we have been taking a look back at some of the best Eagles of the 2010s by position. First up we ranked the top 10 quarterbacks of the past decade, and next was the top 10 running backs, followed by the top 10 receivers. Today we are looking at the guys who were protecting the quarterbacks -- the offensive linemen. I know I don't have to say how critical these players are, and how hard it is to come across some great ones. You will see from this list that the Birds were blessed when it came to building a solid barrier around the quarterback. Here's how we see the top 10 offensive linemen between 2010-2019:

10) Halapoulivaati Vaitai

Many fans probably won't like that he made this list, but after Jason Peters went down in 2017, Big V stopped being a turnstile and played to the best of his abilities and did just enough to help the Birds when their first Super Bowl. For that reason alone he deserves the respect to be added to this article and recognized as one of the best offensive lineman of the decade so thank you Big V for what you did in the 2017 postseason. In total Vaitai has played in 55 games with the Eagles, and started 20 of those games.

9) Isaac Seumalo

Seumalo was drafted in the 3rd round of the 2016 NFL Draft, and right away in his rookie season he showed off his versatility. Throughout his first season, he ended up playing at least one snap at all five offensive line positions. He has settled in at left guard, and took over for Stefan Wisniewski at the position since 2018. He has had games where he looked rough, but he has become a lot more comfortable at the position and towards the end of 2019 he looked borderline dominant. He played 52 games in the 2010s, and started in 31 of those. He appears to be locked in at left guard for the foreseeable future.

8) Jamaal Jackson

Initially an undrafted free agent, Jackson stared his rookie year on the practice squad. Then in his second year he ended up on injured reserve. His third season is when his career started to turn around. You would think the Birds would have moved on after two wasted seasons, but he showed them that he was worth the wait. He ended up starting 72 games for the Eagles between 2005-2010 (and played in 88 games), and was also a part of the 2006 team that only allowed 28 sacks in the entire season.

7) Stefan Wisniewski

Wisniewski joined the Eagles in 2016 as a spot-starter and top backup at the guard position. In 2017 he ultimately became the team's starting left guard, and was a part of an offensive line that was one of the best pass blocking and rush blocking in the NFL that season. He played well enough in 2017 to help the Eagles win their first Super Bowl in franchise history. He ended up playing in 46 games as an Eagle (24 starts) before leaving town, but he will always be remembered in the city of Philadelphia for being a starter in Super Bowl LII.

6) Evan Mathis

Throughout his NFL career, he played with five different teams other than the Eagles. The Eagles signed him to a one-year contract during the "Dream Team" offseason, and he ended up winning the starting left guard position. Pro Football Focus rated him as the best guard in the NFL from 2011-2014, despite missing seven games due to injury. He played and started in 56 games in total with the Eagles in the decade, and was selected to two Pro Bowls and was named First Team All-Pro once.

5) Todd Herremans

Younger Eagles fans may not know him and general NFL fans probably have no idea who Todd Herremans is. However, this guy was one of the toughest Eagles to ever put on the uniform. He suffered a lacerated finger up against the Indianapolis Colts in 2006 that required five stitches, but that still didn't stop him from playing. In 2014 he also suffered a torn biceps, but also attempted to play through that injury. He also was apart of the 2006 offensive line that only allowed 28 sacks in an entire season, which is pretty impressive. Herremans finished his Eagles career with 127 games played (124 starts). Those 127 games are the 30th most in franchise history. The video down below is from when he caught one of his two career touchdown receptions.

4) Brandon Brooks

He began his NFL career with the Houston Texans, but in 2016 he chose to come to Philadelphia. Now after a brand new four-year contract extension through 2024, he should be retiring with the Birds. He absolutely deserves to retire with the Eagles for all of his accomplishments in the late 2010s. He was another reason the team won their first Super Bowl, establishing himself as one of the best right guards in football that season. He allowed one sack in his very first game as an Eagle (Week 1 2016) but he ended up not letting one up the rest of that season nor the entire 2017 season. That is just pure dominance. Brooks has earned three Pro Bowl selections since arriving in Philadelphia, playing in a total of 62 games with the team this past decade. He holds the line very well, so to know Brooks will be protecting Carson Wentz in the future calms my nerves and the nerves of all Eagles fans.

3) Lane Johnson

Johnson, a 1st round pick for the Eagles in 2013, has played so well that he just received a four-year contract extension through 2025 (a smart move by the Birds). In his seven seasons as an Eagle, he has established himself as the best right tackle in the NFL, as well as a cornerstone of the franchise. He has played 92 games with the team, and has earned two Pro Bowl selections as well as First Team All-Pro once. You name any great player and my man Johnson has turned them into a non-factor without a doubt. Just look at this video of Johnson manhandling one of the best outside linebackers in the NFL, Denver's Von Miller.

2) Jason Kelce

Originally drafted in the 6th round of the 2011 draft, this three-time pro bowl selection, three-time First Team All-Pro selection and Super Bowl champion proves why he was arguably the best center of the 2010s. He has played in 126 games with the Birds, which are the 32nd-most in franchise history. Of course, he will also always be remembered for that famous speech he gave on the Art Museum Steps during the team's Super Bowl parade. Kelce has made some big blocks down the field to help running backs make explosive plays, the one below is just one example.

1) Jason Peters

This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that the bodyguard has found his way to #1 on this list. Peters ended up being well worth all the risk Andy Reid took when acquiring him via trade from the Buffalo Bills. As an Eagle, Peters was selected to seven Pro Bowls, and was named First-Team All-Pro twice. His 140 games played with the team are the 18th-most in franchise history (5th-most by an offensive lineman). How Peters played with the Eagles throughout his tenure, he should have no problem at all making it into the Hall of Fame a few years after he officially retires.

So there you have it -- some of the greatest offensive line of the 2010s not just for the Birds, but also the entire NFL. Let us know if we did a good job with these rankings, or if we left a more deserving lineman off the list!

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