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Tim Jernigan Reps Eagles in New Rap Video

Fresh off of a season where he tried to get his football career back on track, Tim Jernigan seems to be working on a post-football career of becoming a rapper.

Last week, Jernigan and his posse, GoodBoyz, released a new song. In the music video, Jernigan is seen sporting a throwback kelly green Randall Cunningham jersey while rapping his verses. **WARNING: NSFW lyrics**

"Desert Eagle out in Philly, where the cheddar be" 🔥🔥🔥

Maybe he's hinting that the Eagles are in contact with him about a new deal that will give him a little extra cheddar?

The Eagles are set to have Fletcher Cox and Malik Jackson as the starting defensive tackles in 2020. If the team doesn't use a high draft pick on an interior defensive lineman, maybe they will once again look to Jernigan to be the #3 guy on the depth chart and contribute in a limited role.

This isn't the first time the pending free agent has worked on his rap game in the offseason. He released a music video last year right after signing his new contract with the Eagles. His group also released another video this week if you want to check out Jernigan's bars in that one.

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